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Hungry Jack's

Client: Confidential

Design Consultant: Savil

Services Provided: Tender Estimate

Project Value: $3.5m

Savil are a contractor who tendered for the construction of a Hungry Jack's Drive Thru retail store in Canberra and entrusted Meller to provide a full service that included initial concept estimates right the way through to a Bill of Quantities, and a tender estimate that was both competitive and accurate

Contractors can add an additional layer of assurance to both their pricing, and their measurement and documentation by engaging Certified Quantity Surveyors who are skilled in scrutinising estimates based on real-world project data from numerous sources.

Savil have been able to provide a comprehensive tender on the project and are currently waiting to hear back. Meller were also able to proactively pursue information pointing to discrepancies and gaps in documentation that encouraged the whole project team to provide all tenderers with the most up to date and accurate drawings, thus further advancing the overall goals of the project.



I'm Jack Meller

I have been in the construction industry since I was 18 years old and have consulted on projects in every imaginable sector across the globe. 

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