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Apartment Building Reclad

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Client: Owners Corporation

Design Consultant: Lote Consulting

Services Provided: P80 Cost Estimate

Project Value: $750,000

The owners corporation of a building in Kingston, ACT approached Lote Consulting to provide risk assessment services as part of Canberra's Private Building Cladding Scheme for removal of combustible cladding. Meller is a registered Quantity Surveying Supplier under the scheme and had previously provided estimating services to repair this building including the replacement of cladding.

Owners corporations can benefit drastically from having a Registered Quantity Surveyor engaged early, to provide a realistic budget to the satisfaction of government agencies whilst also setting a remediation project up for success and minimising unforeseen costs.

Whilst only approximately 70m2 of combustible cladding is required to be replaced, due to access requirements and the need for our estimate to be 80% likely not to be exceeded in construction, Meller were able to provide a comprehensive estimate including escalation, professional fees, preliminaries and trade costs. The estimate satisfies the requirements to enable the owners to benefit from an interest free loan from Major Projects Canberra (MPC), providing much needed funding.



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