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1-5 Lake Drive, Dingley Village

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Client: PropertyLink

Architect: Nettleton Tribe

Services Provided: Pre & Post-Contract Cost Management

Project Value: $20m

Propertylink (now ESR Australia) owned a dilapidated block of 3 warehouses 35 minutes from Melbournes CBD. Due to the site's proximity to the CBD they pursued a subdivision into 17 lots with mixed uses of a cafe, retail, private individual use and storage offered as leasehold or freehold.

Various options were presented in the feasibility estimate stage before finally settling to build lots within the warehouses ranging in size from 156-1681 m2. The development is 50% sold even as construction continues.

Meller offer unrivalled experience in industrial construction cost management, working with high profile organisations such as Amazon, AstraZeneca, Thales and small to medium enterprises to provide the robust cost advice necessary to make critical decisions.



I'm Jack Meller

I have been in the construction industry since I was 18 years old and have consulted on projects in every imaginable sector across the globe. 

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